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New on Netflix Brazil

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Loopy and Petty plan to become roommates until they have their very first fight, and Tong-Tong uses his magic to fix a broken Tu-Tu after a crash.

Eddy gets even with Pororo for mocking his new invention by pretending to be him, and the gang decides to start trading unused items with each other.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom What's Wrong with Secretary Kim The Age of Adaline Interstellar

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Fifty Shades Freed Manifest Taken After

To show their thanks for her cooking, Loopy's friends try to make her a meal, and robot Rody makes a wish to know what it's like to have feelings.

Crong suffers from stomach pains and constipation during a field trip, and Eddy doesn't think he has been good enough to deserve a Christmas present.

Pororo and Crong make up their own superhero adventure with all their friends in the story, and Poby suffers through a day of terribly bad luck.

Pororo and Crong save a butterfly that leads them to a beautiful butterfly forest, and Crong takes credit for Pororo's hard work cleaning the house.

Because he doesn't like the cold, Harry is happy when he and Poby are blown off course to a tropical island, and Loopy wishes she were more athletic.

The gang enjoys a day of blowing bubbles, fishing and hide-and-seek, and Pororo feels bad about making fun of Loopy so he becomes her secret friend.

Poby imitates Petty in an effort to become quicker on his feet, and Pororo needs help from Tong-Tong after challenging Eddy to a snowmobile race.

When his friends go ice fishing without him, Crong makes trouble, and the gang embarks on a rescue mission when they think Pororo is in trouble.